ARC+ Review Course CE Submission

ARC+ Review Course CE Submission

• This course module will automatically unlock after you have completed all the course requirements to finalize your Review Course Certificate which is a requirement of renewal for the IBSC.

• This certificate can be combined with any other CE hours that you obtain (which meet the requirements of the IBSC recertification process) in order to apply for IBSC advanced certification renewal.

• This certificate alone DOES NOT meet ALL of the requirements of recertification, however, this does satisfy the requirement for having completed a review course during your recertification period and it does grant 48 of the overall 100 CE hours that you will need in order to recertify.
• Continue earning all of your CE hours through ARC+ to earn your 100-hour IBSC renewal certificate to make your no-audit, single-certificate IBSC renewal smooth and simple!

• CE hours obtained from all FlightBridgeED courses (including CE hours earned through ARC+) are universally accepted and can be used for advanced recertification as well as national, state, and local recertification/license renewal.

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