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The most expansive fully-accredited course catalog combined with our brand new Emerge LMS™ created for your entire team.

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North America’s leading provider of critical care education services for organizations is trusted by more than 260 critical care agencies.

Group Pricing Discounts

Group Pricing Discounts

FlightBridgeED is the best way for your company to save on training. You can train your entire staff at affordable rates with exclusive group discount pricing, and it will only take a few minutes to get started.

Contact us using the form below, or for faster service you can call us at 1-800-991-3160 , or chat with us online . One conversation could save your organization thousands in training costs annually.

Better Student Engagement

Better Student Engagement

Job satisfaction is important to healthcare providers. Happy employees are more productive and committed to the mission of your organization. The wrong training program with the same old, tired content fosters complacency and low morale. FlightBridgeED engages students with hands-on and online training, real-world simulation and research-based content.

Emerge LMS™ - Corporate Learning Management System

Your LMS, Your Way

Learning Management Systems (LMS) and content creation technology can be so overwhelming and expensive that there is no time, or budget left for the actual education. FlightBridgeED has a huge library of content available day one, and flexible, modular package options at extremely affordable prices to fit any organization of any size. Emerge LMS™ provides powerful learning, reporting and monitoring tools for your training managers so you can actually focus on training your people.

Education That’s not CARDBOARD.

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Get a FREE consultation from our incredible team of educators so we can get to know your team and evaluate your needs.

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FlightBridgeED has a huge library of course content and study tools in addition to the Emerge LMS™.

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Our courses, tools, and platforms can all be matched to the needs of your organization so your budget can go toward actual education instead of draining funds on unnecessary expenses.