A Change of Heart

FAST23 - Las Vegas - May 8 - 10, 2023 - Bruce Hoffman

The patient was sitting in his office when he suddenly felt tight in his chest. He had never experienced anything like it before and knew something was wrong. He tried to get up from his chair, but the pain was too intense. His breathing became labored, and he felt dizzy.

His friends noticed something was wrong and immediately called an ambulance. The patient was taken to the hospital and rushed into the emergency room. Doctors quickly diagnosed him with a heart attack and began treatment to restore blood flow to his heart.

The patient was scared and didn’t know what to expect. He had heard stories about heart attacks and knew they could be deadly. He had also read an article about how heart attacks are treated and the statistics associated with how important it is to get treatment for a heart attack fast. The doctor explained that there had been some changes in how heart attacks are treated, and in this case, they were going to treat the underlying condition that led to the heart attack rather than move to the cath lab immediately. Although the patient was somewhat confused, his treatment began.

Over the next few days, the patient remained in the hospital, undergoing further tests and monitoring. He was relieved to hear that the damage to his heart was minimal and that he would fully recover with proper treatment and lifestyle changes.

Bruce Hoffman is a critical care registered nurse and paramedic whose clinical background includes the ICU, ER, trauma, cardiology, and critical care transport/flight. He holds graduate degrees in education and advanced practice.

Bruce lives in Connecticut with his wife, Stephanie (also a nurse), and three beautiful children – Ava Mae, Adelynn Lue, and Jackson Lee…oh, and Bella, their Boston Terrier!


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