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Brief Resolved Unexplained Event

Brief Resolved Unexplained Event by Sara Moore Gruver

The electricity had gone off on that hot July day. The mother’s phone kept dinging with texts from the power company with an estimated fix time, which kept growing longer and longer. Meanwhile, the temperature in the house kept climbing, and the three small children grew more upset. After an hour, the mother decided it…

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Pediatrics: Integrating Telemedicine

FlightBridgeED - EMS Week - EMS for Children - Integrating Telemedicine

Pediatric pre-hospital and critical care transport medicine is undergoing a revolutionary change due to the ongoing evolution and expansion of telemedicine. This trending topic is currently reshaping the nature of patient care, enabling healthcare professionals to provide quality care regardless of the distance between them and the child in need. Telemedicine in Pediatric Care Telemedicine…

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