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Embark on the EMS Odyssey: EMT to Critical Care Paramedic

The realm of emergency medical services (EMS) is one of constant evolution, where professionals are continually called upon to enhance their skills, knowledge, and expertise. The transition from an EMT to a Critical Care Paramedic epitomizes this commitment to growth and excellence. This journey, enriched by mentorship and continuous learning, is both challenging and rewarding….

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You Don’t Have to Know Everything

FlightBridgeED - Blogs - You Don't Have to Know Everything by Cody Winniford

I picked up a new book the other day called The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman. Within the first few pages, I got hit with a couple of fantastic gems that translate so well to our world. I will be adapting some of Josh’s concepts to us so that you can walk away with some…

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Unlocking Success: Empowering Flight Paramedics (FP-C) and Critical Care Paramedics (CCP-C) through Advanced Training

Unlocking Success: Empowering Flight Paramedics (FP-C) and Critical Care Paramedics (CCP-C) through Advanced Training - EMS Week 2023

Introduction Welcome to EMS Week 2023 day 2, “EMS Education Day.” We celebrate your unwavering dedication and heroic efforts as flight paramedics or critical care paramedics. At FlightBridgeED, we understand the pivotal role advanced paramedic education plays in your success in the dynamic and high-stakes environments you operate in. Every decision you make can make…

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Unmasking the Unsung Heroes

Unmasking the Unsung Heroes: Challenges Faced by EMS Professionals and Solutions for Change - EMS Week 2023

Challenges Faced by EMS Professionals and Solutions for Change Emergency Medical Services professionals, including paramedics (of all types) and emergency medical technicians, are critical in providing life-saving care during medical emergencies. Despite their invaluable contributions, EMS professionals often face challenges such as the lack of public awareness and appreciation, mental and emotional strain, inadequate staffing…

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Thoughts from a Clinician: DO YOU DRESS REHEARSE?

Thoughts From a Clinician: Do You Dress Rehearse?

Too much training is still being done without simulation. The value-added component of simulation is nearly immeasurable, especially for the critical care provider. As commonplace as it has become, simulation still gets the hairy eyeball from some. Perhaps the pushback comes from the cost of simulation or simply the available resources to do simulation training.

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Flight Paramedic OR Critical Care Paramedic?

FlightBridgeED - FP-C, CCP-C, CFRN, CFRN, CTRN, TCRN, Flight Nurse, Flight Paramedic

OVERVIEW The Flight Paramedic (FP-C) exam tests the knowledge of experienced, master-level paramedics working as part of a medical flight crew. The Critical Care Paramedic (CCP-C) exam is a bit broader in scope. It is designed to test the knowledge of adept paramedics working in critical care environments, from transport to in-hospital. Which exam should…

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What It Takes to Become a Certified Flight Nurse

A flight nurse is a registered nurse with the training and experience to provide critical care in transport environments. This can be either rotor (helicopter) or fixed-wing, typically working alongside other medical providers such as paramedics, other nurses, respiratory therapists, nurse practitioners, or physicians; they’re essential for providing top-level patient care when it matters most!

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How To Become a Certified Flight Paramedic

Flight Paramedic Career Overview Helicopter EMS (HEMS), also known as air ambulance services, are critical in saving lives. Air medical transport teams must have the right experience, skills, and training. A certified flight paramedic is a pre-hospital, critical care, and emergency healthcare professional. If you’re ready to take your career in this direction, read on…

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